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#everyone is all over hiddleston for this scene but can we appreciate how great evans was at imitating his mannerisms?

Evans was so good that we forgot it wasn’t Hiddleston playing Loki pretending to be Steve.

The entire scene is magnificent

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my milkshakes bring all the boys are the yard and they’re like “your friend is hot”

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how to be a lil bitch:

  1. look like u
  2. act like u
  3. smell like u
  4. dance like u
  5. talk like u
  6. u

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me driving away from your shitty opinion


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when he cums on ur face without warning image

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So, real talk for a second guys

If you ever accidentally call 911, DON’T HANG UP.  Stay on the line and tell the calltaker that you accidentally dialed.  When you hang up, we either have to call you back or send out police which takes up valuable resources and wastes money.  A simple “It was an accident” is all we need and everyone goes about their life much better

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